Washing Worries (had trouble leaving it dirty)

Ahhhh… the ageless onslaught of dirt on the mountain bike, what is an individual to do….Well for starters, I would not recommend using too much water. I had this experience this weekend after looking to clean my Levo…

I visited my local bike shop here in Ojai and was easily convinced to purchase this:


I am an engineer, so I am paid to be skeptical about all items, this philosophy works our as a tool for work, but not always for life…but this is a post regarding bikes – not life choices….so let me get down to business. The “Muc-Off” worked well, even with the questionable naming convention. After pre-moistening with water and spraying lightly the muc it did inedeed “muc-off” quite rapidly. The value added from this product is that it is not a de-greaser, so your bearings and the like should be ok……

Unfortunately soon after the cleaning I got this from my lights:

It’s a bit hard to see, but the lights shone may different colors. This was a bit worrying as I had washed my bike a few times before and not had this issue…then it dawned on me. I had washed the bike UPSIDE DOWN, not the regular upright way. After I took a quick vid for this post I removed the battery and let it “dry” for several hours. After a few hours I re-installed the battery and re-charged it and found that I had this:


I was missing the light indicating 10 out of 10 on the charge…..uh oh.  I had a ride planned for the rest of the day – so I went out anyways. It was a great ride in Carpinteria….(near Santa Barbara). The lines are not waves, but rather power lines.


The bike performed like it always had, so I think that I may have dodged a bullet here, electronics and water are not a good mix….or do you think the battery might just be getting old and only charge to 9 out of 10 ? Any similar experiences out there ?

One comment

  1. It’s interesting that the battery is rated IP67 yet they can fail when you are simply washing the bike! How does that work? I’ve often washed my bike with the battery still in it, yet to have any issues. I do try to not put high pressure near the power button though.


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