Warranty Items ?

I am taking my Levo in to the local bike shop for the firmware update, and so I thought I would email Specialized regarding the limitations of my warranty.  Here is my email to Specialized; ridercare@specialized.com

Hello Specialized,

I purchased a Comp Turbo Levo (November) last year. I noticed that there was a firmware update available for the bike. The notice said this was a mandatory upgrade to the motor firmware. The questions I have are below:
 1. if this is a mandatory motor upgrade should I be prepared to be charged for this ?
 2. The rear wheel bearings went out on the bike, should this be covered in the 1 year warranty ?
 3. The disc brake in the front wheel made a ferocious noise on day one- and the bike dealer suggested replacing the pad with “metal” one, this solved the issue, should I be paying for these items ?
Less than 24 hours later I got this response:
Hello Ed,

Thank you for reaching out!  We do not have an indication if the shop will charge for this update.  Our Specialized retailer’s are independently owned and operated and can set their own labor prices and policies.  Attached to this email is our warranty supplement which outlines what is covered.  All warranty processes and procedures start with an evaluation at a Specialized retailer.  

Specialized Rider Care

I have pasted the warranty below if you are curious:
This should give you an idea of what is covered on your Levo, I don’t see any real surprises here, although the battery warranty is fairly comprehensive.

2017-06-27 18_39_28-RE_ Levo Upgrades [ ref__00D15FMfu._50015do4Na_ref ] - edseery@gmail.com - Gmail

2017-06-27 18_39_52-RE_ Levo Upgrades [ ref__00D15FMfu._50015do4Na_ref ] - edseery@gmail.com - Gmail


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