Firmware Update Differences

Hi, if you have not updated your firmware in your Levo motor, it’s a good idea. It came out March 2017. It’s certainly a change in the way that the motor is used, it’s mandatory as far as specialized is concerned. The firmware upgrade to the battery  is optional depending on rider preference.

Some dealers don’t have the hardware and/or don’t know how to do it. I would ask/bug them to help you out. They generally should not be charging (no puns here) for it, but I have heard anywhere from free to $50.

The (mandatory) motor upgrade delivers :

  • Improved engine efficiency
  • Higher motor output on long climbs thanks to optimized temperature management
  • Improved range
  • Smoother engine support

The battery upgrade delivers these things:

  • More noticeable performance differentiation between Eco, Trail and Turbo by a more clearly defined proportional adjustment of the motor power.
  • Increased range, especially in Eco – this mode now does what it suggests.
  • More control in lower modes, and likely optimum traction, since the peak power can not be achieved as easily as in turbo mode.

You can see in the graph below (new firmware) how the ECO mode is truly “ECO” as it will never deliver the maximum power of the motor, it only delivers just over 200 watts.

2017-06-20 19_28_21-TechnicalBulletin_Levo_Batterie_FWUpdate_German.pdf

Simply put, you could always  (if you had enough power in your legs) get 100% of the motor wattage in any mode, now with new firmware the wattage is restricted to the % of motor power that you select with the Mission Control app or the levels that are preset after the upgrade. Ciao.





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