Levo Power Output Settings

From Wikipedia:

“A trained cyclist can produce about 400 watts for an hour or more, but adults of good average fitness average between 50 and 150 watts for an hour of vigorous exercise. A healthy well-fed laborer over the course of an 8-hour work shift can sustain an average output of about 75 watts.

Wondering how the power is used on the Levo ? I did some reading/translation on a German website as ebikes are further down the curve than the US of A.

2017-06-13 21_50_41-Book1 - Excel (Product Activation Failed)

This is how the chart works: Human power is in blue across the top, expressed in Watts. Assist mode of the bike setting is on the left (20%, 50% and 100%). The value of 450W is there as a rough indicator of max motor power, as actual motor power will vary due to many factors; temperature, battery condition etc.

If the Levo is set at 20% and the rider enters 150 Watts with their legs, the output of the Levo is about about 93 watts (243 total). If you are at 100% power setting and put 125 watts you will get the full output of the motor, ≈ 450 Watts. This is assuming that you have the motor current slider set to 100 on the app.2017-06-13 22_13_16-eco normal race app levo - Google Search

The slider that changes from Eco Normal and Race does not change the total power output, it  just changes the “suddenness” (power divided by time) of the response. I have mine set to ECO as to help get traction on steep loose surfaces where Race mode may provide too much power too soon. It also preserves the charge of the battery to a certain extent, but how much I am not certain of.

Thanks to OldMan54 for his work with the Levo.



    • Hi John,
      I am not sure, this data was gathered around 6-9 months ago. I know that the new firmware is more conservative on the battery – I still have my original firmware on my Levo as my LBS is a bit behind the times.


      • Yes it’s probably going by the old firmware then. I’m not really sure how the new firmware changes the power output, but from personal experience (had mine updated last weekend) the power comes on a lot smoother. Also in Eco and Trail modes the motor power automatically changes as well (ignores what you set in the Mission Control App) apparently. I’d be very interested to see exactly how it works!


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