When you first get your Levo, it’s not uncommon to have this sticker still on the bike when you get it. It’s not exactly placed in the most user friendly spot – unless you are flipping your bike over to store it (more on that later) but removing it is important.

This is what the peel me sticker looks like:

2017-06-10 16_13_53-Edit Post ‹ Mountain eBike_ All things Turbo Levo... —

This is how the underbelly of my Levo looks like right now.

hole in bottom.png

I have removed the PEEL ME sticker and have added a few pieces of tough rubber to protect the frame. The center part of the frame as shown and the two sides are some kind of tough plastic. It’s important to remove the sticker as it covers the drain hole for any water that gets thru to where the motor is. The frame itself is not sealed – as it’s not necessary – but the battery is sealed to a rating of IP 67 which means that it is fully protected from dust (6) and can also withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 mins (7).  It’s not a good idea to have the motor “sitting in water”. I have not found specs regarding the motor, but under inspection it appears that it may also share a similar rating – o-rings and similar seals are found throughout the casing. So get rid of your “PEEL ME” me sticker – I put it on the cover of my manual, although the serial number of the bike is found in several different places on the bike. The owners manual that comes with the bike is highly lacking in specificity regarding the Levo, but I kept it anyways.

peelme spot


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