Creaks and Squeaks Fixed!

When you first get your Levo, you may start to hear some noises in the first few weeks. The first noise you may hear is a mix between a squeak and a groan, like a high pitched fart. It happens when there is a large load on the pedals; when standing up while riding and hard pedaling from a standstill. You can also sometime hear it if you “wiggle” the bike; any time the frame is under load. This noise is most caused by the interference of the plastic covers rubbing on the aluminium frame when the frame flexes under load.

To fix this, slightly loosen the screws indicated by the arrows in the pictures. This allows you to open up a very small gap, having this gap allows you to put a very small amount of grease on the mating surfaces between the aluminium chassis and the plastic covers. You need just enough to have a film, and no more. After applying the grease, re-tighten the covers and wipe off any excess grease. You should be high-pitched fart noise free…

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