A secret compartment.

Here is a very useful place to store items that could help you avoid having to walk down the mountain. This compartment is inside the frame just above where the battery is located in the down tube.

2017-06-01 19_47_24-Greenshot image editor

It’s best to remove your battery first using a 6mm hex/allen key. This is located in your SWAT tool kit that is located at the base of your water bottle holder. (I have removed my water bottle holder on my mtn ebike).

The picture below is (a closeup) what you will see after you remove your battery, be sure to disconnect your motor from the battery, and do not remove the battery connector while it is charging. The cables for the dropper seat post, rear brake and derailleur are visible. Be sure that anything that you stuff up there does not pinch or kink the cables.

frame with flash

My stash is shown below, I have all my goods wrapped in a small trash bag. I do this for many reasons, having a simple trash-bag has proved helpful in many circumstances. It has served as a poncho, I have used it to seal a leaky valve stem, and even to carry trash. It also stops the items that are contained in the bag from rattling around and making you paranoid that something is coming loose as you are flying down the trail.

frame w trash

The contents of my trash bag is shown below:


  1. Bike tube repair kit
  2.  Air cartridges X2
  3. CO2 Inflator
  4. Parts of an old tube to act as a rubber band to keep all items from rattling against each other.
  5. A single tire lever.

I have not (yet) switched over to tubeless tires as I was going to do that when I got my first flat. Thus the patch kit; I have had the bike about 8 months now, and have yet to have a flat, despite riding it over 1000+ kilometers in that time.

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